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4th Dimension Composites is a consultancy service firm with expertise, experience and an in-depth understanding of the composite industry and its needs.

We provide our customers with a high level of strategic input of materials and processes suitable for a wide range of applications. We have a large contact network of technology and materials suppliers to support you in serving your customers beyond their expectations.

Our specialty lies in delivering innovative, sustainable and bespoke solutions that offer best performance, highest quality at lowest possible cost.

Dr Shanta Desai, CSci, CEngg FIMMM
Managing Director.

In order to support the industry, it is important to understand its requirements.
At 4th Dimension Composites we have the expertise and experience of working in and with different sectors of the composite industry.

As composites are getting more and more popular, we are always happy to assist our clients in any sector where composites could help them grow their business.

We will assess your existing product, process any application and provide you with bespoke solutions.

We offer services, experience and expertise in areas which include :-

• Fibre reinforced composites (Carbon/Glass/Natural fibre)
• Composite processes  and materials- thermoset/thermoplastics
• Pitch,  Graphite and Graphene based composites
• Testing and Evaluation
• Project Management
• Knowledge Management